Biopharma Management Ltd is a company that deals with research, production and categories of specific products in the cosmetic and trichological fields.
It is based in London and distributes HAIRAKTIVE commercial brand online and in the best pharmacies.

Biopharma Management ltd uses Italian research and production.
All production takes place in the factory which boasts laboratories regulated according to pharmaceutical standards, where it operates in a controlled atmosphere (class 10,000 pharmaceutical). The production process takes place according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), an international standard that guarantees good manufacturing practices. The choice and selection of raw materials is of the highest level and guarantees to create synergistically products where the active ingredients are in percentage so as to ensure their the best effectiveness.
It was born as a spin-off of a large trichological company creating a product that can be used not only for patients in the clinics but also for the individual consumer.

A combination of competence, research and cutting-edge technologies have allowed Biopharma Management Ltd to have extensive experience, able to face and solve hair problems in both men and women with HAIRAKTIVE.